BikeOdyssey 2019: 15 June - 23 June 2019


Total Route of Bike Odyssey

  • Total distance: 632,41 km
  • Elev. gain (+): 19.805 m
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Pindos is the biggest sierra in Greece. It has length 230 klm and width 70 klm. Some of the biggest mountains that  Pindos is constituted  are Smolikas, Grammos, Agrafa, Timfi  and  lakmos.  Mountains of  southern  Greece, such as Bardoysia, Gkiona, Parnassos and Oiti  are also considered to be part of the wider sierra of Pindos.  Pindos is full of dense forests,streams, rivers and quaint villages from where the race’ s trail passes.



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1) Smixi

Smixi is a mountainous village in the prefecture of Grevena, derived from the union (smixi means union in greek) of Pinakades village and Biga village, whose inhabitants wanted to escape malaria. It is built at an altitude of 1,220 meters on the hillside of Smolikas Mountain and is one of the most mountainous villages of Greece. Ιts population is 750 residents. Due to its proximity to the ski resort of Vasilitsa it has become an important winter resort in the region. It located 38 km from Grevena.

2) Kallirroi


Kallirroi is a mountainous village in the district of Trikala. It is built at an altitude of 1,040 meters on the slopes of southern Pindos, between the peaks Dalia (1,500 m), Krotiaia Papou (1,700 m) and Bourdeni (1,750 m), between Krania and Polythea. It is 60 km from Kalambaka and is one of the most mountainous settlements in Thessaly. Kallirroi belongs to the Aspropotamos Community.


3) Pyli

Pyli is one of the most picturesque villages of Prefecture of Trikala. It has a population about 1.850 inhabitants, in an altitude of 230 meters and it is 18 km away from Trikala. There resides and the homonymous Municipality of Pyli. Previously, the settlement was called Porta (it means gate), because of the location where it is built, at the entrance of the canyon that leads to the mountain villages of Pindos. Through the village flows the river Portaikos, which then poured into the Peneus river.

4) Kalyvia Pezoulas

Kalyvia is the settlement of the Local Community of Pezoulas of the Municipality of Plastira Lake in the Prefecture of Karditsa. Kalyvia is located beside Lake Plastira, unlike Neohori which was high on the mountain, so you will be able to admire the Lake more. It is a growing settlement with many country houses. It is located at a distance of 42 kilometers southwest of Karditsa and its population does not exceed 300 people. Prior to the creation of the lake, the residents of the settlement worked in the fields of Nevropolis and kept their cabins here; from their existence the location take this name.

5) Krikelo

Krikelo is located in Southeast Eyritania. It is built in an altitude of 1.120 meters, in the east side of the mountain Kaliakoyda, very close to the begging of the river Krikelopotamoy(or Krikelioti). Krikelo is one of the highest mountain settlement in Greece. As we enter the village, we see seven taps, seven sources of cold water that gushingendlessly from the mountains.  The cathedral of saint Nikola is one of the most beautiful churches of the county.  It is located in the central of the village and it’s for a long time now a gathering place for the people who live there and also for the visitors.

6) Athanasios Diakos

Athanasios Diakos (Upper Mousounitsa)  , is a village with many visitors throughout the year. The village is placed on the north side of Vardousia Mountains at an altitude of      1100m. in a superb landscape surrounded by a dense forest of fir, cedars, the trees, oaks,  chestnuts, rare wildflowers, wild forest animals, wild canyons and springs, which all  together form a habitat of rare beauty. Worth visiting: Archaeological sites,  artificial lake Mornos-Lidoriki, verdant plateaus on the tops of mountains Vardousia and Iti.

7) Ano Chora

Ano Chora is a mountainous village of prefecture of Aitoloakarnania at the area of Mountainous ​​Nafpaktia. It is built at an altitude of 1,060 meters on the western edges of Vardousia on the slopes of the hill called Kerasovouni, and is one of the most mountainous villages of Aitoloakarnania. It is approximately 52 km from Nafpaktos, which is the nearest big city. Located in the middle of an amazing forest of fir and chestnut trees that penetrate to the village. It is an area very special and unique in Greece and has fairly characterized as the "Alps" of Greece. The Syrta on which rests the back of the village has an altitude of 1460 meters. Ano Chora administratively belongs to the municipality of Nafpaktia and its population according to 2011 census is 225 residents.

8) Nafpaktos

Nafpaktos is a seaside town of prefecture of Aitoloakarnania at the Corinthian Gulf, the capital of the former province of Nafpaktia. It is built between Antirrio and at the mouth of the River Mornos and is one of the oldest Greek cities enjoyed great prosperity periods and was linked to important historical events. This is confirmed by the excellent fortification, which begins from the port, continues with three successive walls and leads to the castle. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement and its population is 19.768 residents.

BikeOdyssey is an 9 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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