BikeOdyssey 2018: 17 June - 24 June 2018

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Snow in the route of Bike Odyssey!

12-02-2018 Hits:287 News

Bike Odyssey’s route has snow in its largest part, and a new strong snowfall is expected from tomorrow Tuesday 13.02.2018 until Thursday 15.02.2018 at the stations of Smixi, Metsovo, Neochori and Krikello. So, the Bike Odyssey team takes a break from its work on the part of the route.

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Over 200 participants in Bike Odyssey 2018!

26-01-2018 Hits:578 News

More than 200 athletes will take part in Bike Odyssey this year!And this year there will be some changes in the route or even the stations of the race but they will be announced in March.Stay tuned....

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Grief in the Bike Odyssey family

17-01-2018 Hits:767 News

  We are in the discomfort place to announce that the athlete and our friend Konstantinou Dimitris, who had participated in 3 Bike Odyssey races, is no longer with us.

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Make a present to yourself!

28-12-2017 Hits:440 News

This Christmas there is a unique gift for you, Bike Odyssey!

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Bike Odyssey wishes you a Merry Christmas!

22-12-2017 Hits:232 News

 Bike Odyssey wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a happy and creative year!  

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Bike Odyssey 2018 under the auspices of the Greek Tourism…

22-12-2017 Hits:182 News

The organization of the race is pleased to announce that the International Mountain Bike Race "Bike Odyssey 2018-Pindos Cross Country" is now under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organization.    

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Bike Odyssey 2018 under the auspices of the Ministry of…

22-12-2017 Hits:274 News

The organization of the race is pleased to announce that the International Mountain Bike Race "Bike Odyssey 2018-Pindos Cross Country" is now under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.    

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Dynamic presence and in 2018 for "Bike me up"!

19-12-2017 Hits:313 News

For the third consecutive year, “Bike me up” is again present in Bike Odyssey 2018. “Bike me up” participates in the race with 5 teams in the e-bikes category both in the 8-day race and in the Southern 3-day race. Riding with electrically assisted pedelec type mountain bikes (e-MTB) riders will have the opportunity to see a different side of Bike Odyssey exploring the backbone of Pindos from Smixi village up to Nafpaktos city.

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A new category for e-bikes

15-12-2017 Hits:395 News

  Who said that electic bikes do not have a privilege in races? Do not forget that it is one of the most difficult mtb races.Whoever has his doubts, he can come with his electric bike, with a little "help"from it, for collect the incredible memories of the race. Already teams are strongly present in Bike Odyssey. There will be a distinct category for fans and lovers of electric bicycle. We are waiting for you!  

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Registrations ongoing!

04-12-2017 Hits:377 News

  Registrations are open for the 4th day for both 8-day and 3-day races.

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Registrations opened!

01-12-2017 Hits:332 News

  Registrations for Bike Odyssey 2018 opened today and will remain open until 31.12.2017. Register now!     8 Days Race Registration       3 Days North Bike Odyssey Registration       3 Days South Bike Odyssey Registration      

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Τhe 3-day races’ participations with the Blue Offer are ready…

30-11-2017 Hits:538 News

  As we announced yesterday, the blue offer for last year’s participants of Bike Odyssey and journalists was over! Yesterday, a table of 8-day race’s participants was uploaded on the site, and the participants' tables for the 3-day races are also available from today.

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The participations of the Blue Offer!

29-11-2017 Hits:747 News

  The blue offer for last years’ participants of Bike Odyssey and journalists is over!

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Get a taste of the registration form!

29-11-2017 Hits:328 News

  Tomorrow at 24:00 in the night, will open the registrations for Bike Odyssey 2018! Check out the form to have ready the details that you will need.

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Bike Odyssey meets 2 international paths!

28-11-2017 Hits:588 News

  The route of Bike Odyssey meets 2 European long distance paths, the E4 path and the E6 path.

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53 Villages along the way

28-11-2017 Hits:347 News

  From 53 villages in 8 different prefectures of Greece passes the route of Bike Odyssey 2018! Quaint, mountain villages of unique natural beauty and historical significance will be among the places that the toughest  mountain bike race will cross along the mountain range of Pindos.

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Last year's winners in Bike Odyssey 2018!

27-11-2017 Hits:593 News

  A Greek saying says "If a recipe is successful, you do not change the ingredients!" This is also true for the winners of Bike Odyssey 2017, who return to defend their title! We refer to the team "Ekstratis" (in Greek means campaigners) with Michael Papasavvas and Konstantinos Orfanoudakis, who dominated in the race of 2017. A few words about them:

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Half a million views the Teaser Video!

27-11-2017 Hits:683 News

  With your support, the teaser video of Bike Odyssey 2018 has reached 500,000 views on facebook, surpassing the 1,500 shares and go on!  

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Two former opponents join their forces this year!

24-11-2017 Hits:562 News

  We talk about Gregory Kalogeropoulos and Konstantinos Konstantinidis, who will be participating this year in the Bike Odyssey 2018 as a team called Pedal Force One. Both are very experienced and strong athletes, and they competed as opponents at Bike Odyssey 2016. We present them to you:

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Get ready! In 6 days the registrations opening!

24-11-2017 Hits:466 News

  Six days left for the registration opening for Bike Odyssey 2018! We remind you that the registrations will open on 01/12/2017 at 12:00 in the night (midnight 30/11 - dawn to 1/12) and will remain open until 31/12/2017. The first and fastest athletes will get big discounts on participation packages. Select the package you want and target the best offer! For more details:8-day Participation Packages3-day Participation Packages  

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Athletes' Statements for Bike Odyssey

21-11-2017 Hits:648 News

Meet Bike Odyssey through the eyes of the participants. Watch their statements for the race. {nomultithumb}  

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Five years, five different routes of Bike Odyssey

21-11-2017 Hits:379 News

  Each year, Bike Odyssey shapes the race routes to meet the needs of the event, but primarily to achieve the best result for the athletes themselves. The villages-stations may change, but the route is always on the backbone of Greece, the mountain range of Pindos. See the routes of all the 5 years of the race:

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Bike Odyssey crosses 8 Prefectures of Greece!

17-11-2017 Hits:633 News

  8 Prefectures - 8 Different Cultures - Traditions - Customs and Flavors   Prefecture of Grevena

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Τhe orange jersey of the 3-Day North Odyssey

14-11-2017 Hits:313 News

  The 3-Day North Odyssey, as well as the 3-day south race, allows athletes to get a taste of the 8-day race and test their limits. The first time that the race was held was in 2017 and included the first three stages of the main race.

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The mountains and the peaks of Bike Odyssey

13-11-2017 Hits:589 News

  Let’s explore the mountains of Pindos that the Bike Odyssey race meets: DOKIMI

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The course of the orange jersey of the 3-Day South…

11-11-2017 Hits:443 News

  The 3-Day South Odyssey enables athletes to get a taste of the 8-day race and count their strengths. In many instances, athletes start from the 3-day event and then switch to the 8-day event. In the 5 years of the race, the orange jersey of the champions has changed many hands. Let's follow its course.

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Clarifications for finding a teammate

08-11-2017 Hits:398 News

  {nomultithumb} We would like to inform you that in order to make the communication between you easier and more, we have added an additional function to the table of those who have declared interest for a teammate.

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The Forests of Bike Odyssey!

01-11-2017 Hits:534 News

  Participating in Bike Odyssey you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful forests in Greece. We present you the main ones: KOZIAKAS (UNIVERSITY FOREST OF PERTOULI)

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Registrations’ opening in a month!

31-10-2017 Hits:641 News

  Only 1 month left until registrations opening! On 01.12.2017 at 12:00 a.m. (at midnight 30/11-dawn to 1/12) will open the registrations for one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world, Bike Odyssey 2018!

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The course of the blue jersey

27-10-2017 Hits:455 News

In the 5 years of Bike Odyssey, the blue jersey of the champions has changed many hands. Let's follow its course.

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Flamme Rouge next to us and in 2018!

24-10-2017 Hits:254 News

  Last year's Bike Odyssey supporter, the cycling cafe Flamme Rouge, will support the race in the new year too.

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Meet Valia Calda

23-10-2017 Hits:559 News

  Valia Calda, another reason that makes Bike Odyssey truly a life experience.

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Find us on social media!

19-10-2017 Hits:345 News

  Bike Odyssey, following the pulse of the era, maintains profiles across all social media. To learn our news faster and share all our moments, find us and follow us on:

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Find teammate for Bike Odyssey 2018!

17-10-2017 Hits:477 News

  You are excited about the race of Bike Odyssey but you can’t find a friend to follow? Now the organization of Bike Odyssey gives you the solution!

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The famous Ski Centers which are in the route of…

16-10-2017 Hits:481 News

The race of Bike Odyssey is characterized by the routes of unique beauty spots of the Greek countryside. Between start and finish the athletes encounter rivers, lakes, forests, national forests, taking thus a strong taste of the wild and unparalleled beauty of the country. The high altitudes of the route bring them near to some of the most famous ski centers, which attract lovers of winter tourism and adventure. Pertouli, Anilio and Prophet Elias of Metsovo. Three ski centers of idyllic beauty, the approach of which requires the maximum effort of the participants. Anilio Ski Center

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Bike Odyssey is also a female affair!

13-10-2017 Hits:902 News

  What if Bike Odyssey is one of the toughest mtb races in the world? As it turns out when a woman puts something in the target, nothing stops her! Women are strongly present in Bike Odyssey either in purely female teams or in mixed teams and come from different countries. We present them:

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8 days and 3 days B.O.

8 Days BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 8 Days
  • 620Km
  • 19.800 elevetion gain
  • 57 villages

3 Days North BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Pyli
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days
  • 208 Km
  • 6.300 elevetion gain
  • 32 villages

3 Days South BikeOdyssey

Start: Krikelo, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days
  • 220Km
  • 7.000 elevetion gain
  • 25 villages

Under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organization



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