BikeOdyssey 2019: 15 June - 23 June 2019


                                                               Strong participation in Bike Odyssey 2014

George and Antonis

George Frangoulis, 41 years old, and Antonis Samoladas, 39 years old are the athletic couple of "1000 Dentra" team and they come from Thessalonica . Their characteristic is the resistance in uphill but they lack in technique, and for that reason their purpose of the training sessions was to improve in this area in order to be more competitive. Having the experience of Bike Odyssey 2013 year, this year aim even higher.





Heidi and Natalie Ann

H Heidi Nieuwoudt, 36 years old, and Natalie Ann Hayward, 32 years old, are the “Iman” team and they come from South Africa . They seem to have a lot of experience to mtb races after having participated in numerous one-day races, in a 3-day and 6-day race. However, Bike Odyssey is the hardest race that they will participate as indicated by the same . It is the only women's team in the 8-day event and is expected to be in top positions.




b_150_213_16777215_00_images_kotopoulos.JPG     b_150_211_16777215_00_images_tsiavtaris.JPG
Theodore and Michael

Theodore Kotopoulos, 49 years old from Kastoria, and Michael Tsiavtaris, 31 years old from Drama, are this year's althetic couple of “Vernon Endurance”. Theodore, the winner of Bike Odyssey 2013, has extensive experience in such races. Michael is a coach ( and a triathlete with many Panhellenic discriminations and although his experience in mountain is limited, he is in a very good shape. They have to fight hard to keep the top position since the competition this year will be great.




Kostas and Dimitris

Costas Loukopoulos, 53 years old, and Dimitris Atzampos, 25 years old , joined their forces in “Cyclesport” team from Athens . There is a generation gap between them, but they seem to complete each other, Kostas with his experience and Dimitris with his power . They are slow but stable for long distances as far as concern their performance and they wait for the opponent to make a mistake to fight back.




b_125_133_16777215_00_images_vanni.JPGio discesa2.jpg
Vanni and Emanuele

Vanni Balboni, 44 years old, and Emanuele Iannarilli, 37 years old, are “Green Devils” team and they come from Italy. The “mtb devils", as their name suggests, they show with their cv a hard profile with huge experience in world-class competitions and they come withbigaspirationsfor the title.Will they succeed?

b_248_228_16777215_00_images_10259890_730470123666069_4789820343372814700_n.jpg    b_250_217_16777215_00_images_10365940_727606623952419_8894324749701606731_n.jpg     

We were told that we need something very strong and with many horses to do this great and tough race in wild mountains of Pindos. We choseMahidra!





b_200_132_16777215_00_images_10426733_730694146977000_9121668654047177364_n.jpg Mahidra is quick, strong, tireless and effective after coped with all difficult challenges we put it in!


The TRT-Thessaliki Broadcasting Corporation, with modern facilities (5 studios in Volos-Larissa-Karditsa-Trikala-Athens) and premium equipment, continues being the dominant channel of Central Greece after 24 years of operation. Its purpose for all these years is the social, economic and cultural offerings through objective information and entertainment. So we consider a great honor the fact that supports the efforts of the "Bike Odyssey 2014" as a media sponsor.

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                       * Souvenir for all participants!


  The 8-day race T-shirt




The 3-day race T-shirt

The T-shirt of "Bike Odyssey 2014" is unique for each race and will be given to all athletes who will participate in the organization as a souvenir of this amazing experience in the mountains of Pindos!



Last weekend the "Bike Odyssey 2014" team traveled to the Pindus Mountains to continue the preparation of the race. Mahidra vehicles were next to us and this time of course, which didn’t betray us anywhere, even if they covered more than 800 km dirt in the most inaccessible places in the area and proved us again that they are the greatest weapon and the ultimate partner of organization.







The " Evrytanian News", is the largest newspaper in Evrytania and was among the first media in Greece (!), and the first in Central Greece to hand over all printed material free on the internet, from the first day of circulation . There could therefore be missing from the Bike Odyssey team, in which participates as a media sponsor for the prefecture of Evritania.

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BikeOdyssey is an 9 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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