BikeOdyssey 2022: 16 - 18 of September 2022

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Race "Bike Odyssey 2022"

29-04-2022 Hits:490 News

The main place of the race will be at  the Kato Tithorea. As we have previously said the race will be held at 16 - 18 September 2022. 

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

03-01-2022 Hits:553 News

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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Postponement of Bike Odyssey 2021

01-02-2021 Hits:1480 News

  While we were prepared for this year’s Bike Odyssey and after a lot of effort for the conduct of the event, we are very sorry to inform you about the cancellation of this year’s event. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold it.

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Bike Odyssey 2021, Form for Accredited Journalists

15-07-2020 Hits:1369 News

    Registration form for accredited Journalists for "Bike Odyssey Race 2021"

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The dates for "Bike Οdyssey 2021" have been finalized

20-06-2020 Hits:2120 News

  After thinking and discussing with some of you who participated in our question a while ago, we would like to announce you the final dates for "Bike Odyssey 2021".

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Bike Odyssey and Celebration of 200 Years of the Greek…

19-06-2020 Hits:1494 News

  The upcoming Bike Odyssey will be special in many ways.

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Like today, the 1st Bike Odyssey was held in 2013!

29-05-2020 Hits:1638 News

  Time passed, Bike Odyssey was held for seven consecutive years, leaving its mark on the field of cycling in our country, giving us the opportunity to live unique and unforgettable moments.

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Make your own outfit

23-03-2020 Hits:1399 News

   In collaboration with Bike Expert, we give you the opportunity to manufacture your own high quality and comfortable sportswear covering your every need as specialized as it may be.

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Update for “Bike odyssey 2021”

18-03-2020 Hits:2529 News

We have a question for you!

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Covid-19: Chance for reminiscing

18-03-2020 Hits:1509 News

  Given the latest worldwide news that make us a little more isolated and a bit more «introverted», this is a great opportunity to watch all the videos of  ''Bike Odyssey 2019''.

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News for Bike Odyssey 2021

21-01-2020 Hits:2110 News

  News for Bike Odyssey 2021

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Merry Christmas!

24-12-2019 Hits:1785 News

Team of "Bike Odyssey" wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be happy and festive!

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20-11-2019 Hits:1827 News

After 7 consecutive years, Bike Odyssey 2020 is postponed for organizational reasons with the perspective of a dynamic return in 2021.

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From June 20th to June 28th, we all meet on…

25-07-2019 Hits:3358 News

    The dates for Bike Odyssey 2020 have been finalized

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Participation Diplomas of 4days North and South Race – Bike…

17-07-2019 Hits:3509 News

  All athletes of 4days North and South Race of Bike Odyssey 2019 can download the participation diplomas.

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Participation Diplomas of 9 days Race - Bike Odyssey 2019

16-07-2019 Hits:2368 News

  All athletes of 9 days Race of Bike Odyssey 2019 can download the participation diplomas.

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One more cycling odyssey was completed

26-06-2019 Hits:3428 News

  One more Bike Odyssey was completed in the picturesque village of Kato Tithorea, offering once again beautiful memories, countless moments, feelings and meetings!

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Stage 7th: the day of the penalties!

22-06-2019 Hits:2255 News

  The 7th Stage of Bike Odyssey 2019 was proven quite harder than it was expected!

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First place for Periklis Ilias and Antoniadis Dimitris!

22-06-2019 Hits:2194 News

  A grand win for team AVRA.

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The first athletes just passed by the 1st checkpoint!

22-06-2019 Hits:2118 News

The National Team and team AVRA are in the lead!

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The athletes started from Athanasios Diakos!

22-06-2019 Hits:2024 News

Setting course for Kato Tithorea!

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Team breaks the winning streak of team AVRA and…

21-06-2019 Hits:2096 News

The Greek National Team was the first one to cross the finish line!

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A battle for the 2nd and 3rd place in the…

21-06-2019 Hits:1980 News

  The Evolution and Faros Cycling Club teams are now competing for the 2nd and 3rd place in the Open 4days South Race!

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SCHC TEAM POLAND and Beastie Bikerz Masters are competing for…

21-06-2019 Hits:2003 News

A very interesting battle is taking place for the 3rd place in the 9-days race!

Read more has slightly increased the lead for the first place!

21-06-2019 Hits:1793 News

Team AVRA follows two minutes later.

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An impressive performance by the Greek National Team!

21-06-2019 Hits:1950 News

They just passed by the 3rd checkpoint!

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The National Team passed by the 2nd checkpoint!

21-06-2019 Hits:2493 News maintains is still in the lead

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FUKAYA RACING follows closely the Greek National Team!

21-06-2019 Hits:2011 News

A battle for the third Place in the 9-days Race!

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The Greek National Team passes first by the 1st Checkpoint!

21-06-2019 Hits:2011 News

AVRA is in the lead for the  9-days race!

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Bike Odyssey 2019, Day 6: new protagonists and promising…

20-06-2019 Hits:2269 News

  The 6th day of Bike Odyssey 2019 was completed, Highlighted by the arrival of the athletes of the 4-days South race.

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The presentation of the teams of the South 4-day match…

20-06-2019 Hits:2112 News

The presentation of the teams for the 4-days South race for  Bike Odyssey 2019 were just concluded!

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The team time trial race was completed!

20-06-2019 Hits:1929 News

  The presentation of the teams of the 4Days South Race will now begin.

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Τhe start of the race will be held at 6pm…

20-06-2019 Hits:5488 News

  Today is the first day for the 4 days South race.

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Α big battle for the 4th and 5th place between…

19-06-2019 Hits:3486 News

  Feels good like a MTF wins by a few seconds difference!

Read more wins second place!

19-06-2019 Hits:1848 News

They crossed the finish line 6.30 minutes behind team AVRA!

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Team AVRA crossed the finish line

19-06-2019 Hits:2144 News

  Fourth consecutive victory for Souvatzoglou and Kourmpetis!

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Heroes & Zeros have gone up!

19-06-2019 Hits:1973 News

  They are in pursuit for first five places!

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Τeams Feels good like a MTF and Beastie Bikerz Masters…

19-06-2019 Hits:3111 News

  SCHC TEAM POLAND stands out in the third place!

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The first teams passed by the 2nd checkpoint!

19-06-2019 Hits:1908 News

  Teams AVRA and battle for the first place!

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Technical problem for Heroes & Zeros!

19-06-2019 Hits:1903 News

In danger to fall significantly behind in the General Classification! 

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A big battle for the third place!

19-06-2019 Hits:1758 News

A few seconds of time difference between the three contenders! 

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All athletes together, no team has managed to stand out!

19-06-2019 Hits:1953 News

  This stage progresses in a very interesting race without any team having managed to stand out!

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The 4-days North Race of Bike Odyssey 2019 was completed!

18-06-2019 Hits:2109 News

The National Team and the AVRA team impressed us in the 4-days race, and 9-days race respectively!

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The Greek National Team arrived at the finish line!

18-06-2019 Hits:1923 News

Team, wins second place at the 9days race!

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The Greek National Team arrived at the 2nd checkpoint

18-06-2019 Hits:1877 News and SCHC POLAND TEAM passed by the 2nd checkpoint.

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AVRA team extends its lead!

18-06-2019 Hits:1861 News

SCHC TEAM POLAND and teams compete for the 2nd place!

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The first athletes arrived at the 1st checkpoint!

18-06-2019 Hits:1827 News

    The AVRA team is in the lead for the 9-days race!

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At 8.30 the start of the 3rd Stage!

18-06-2019 Hits:2912 News

    Today is the epilogue of the 4-Days North Race!

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AVRA team extends its lead in the 9-dasy race!

17-06-2019 Hits:1954 News

      The Greek National Team Confirmed its supremacy!

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The Greek National Teams finished in the first places…

17-06-2019 Hits:1832 News

    Take a look at the first results!

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The first athletes arrived at the finish line!

17-06-2019 Hits:3151 News

    Souvatzoglou and Kourmpetis win first place.

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With lightning speed for the finish line!

17-06-2019 Hits:1813 News

Everyone speeds up for the end of the Stage!!

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Souvatzoglou and Kourmpetis pass first by from the 1st checkpoint!

17-06-2019 Hits:2004 News is right behind them.

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  • Total Distance:  115 km
  • Elev. Gain (+)3.895 m

4.xartis etap4

4.ipsometrika etap4


 b_245_163_16777215_00_images_2014_krikello.jpgKrikello located in Southeast Evritania. It is built at an altitude of 1,120 meters on the eastern side of Mount Kaliakouda near the sources of Krikellopotamos river(or Krikellioti), and is one of the most mountainous villages in Greece. Once you enter the village we see seven water sources that run from the stone mugs. The cathedral church, Agios Nikolaos is the newest monument  located in the central square of the village among dense trees. 




The Mayor of Karpenisi Mr. Nikos Souliotis said:
b_100_100_16777215_00_images_souliotis_nikos_dimarxos_karpenisiou.JPG"With great pleasure we welcome to the Municipality of Karpenisi, in the village Krikello, the cycling event "Bike Odyssey 2015". The unique natural landscape of our region is the most ideal for this kind of events. The sporting activity is undoubtedly one of the most important values over time. We wish good luck to the athletes and welcome them to our municipality."



b_100_91_16777215_00_images_2015_syngounis_proedros_sullogou_krikello.jpg"Krikello, the idyllic and picturesque village of Evritania welcomes Bike Odyssey. Our hospitable mountain village will welcome for second year all those who participate in this celebration of cycling and will help in any way it can, in order to the race leaves the best memories for athletes, visitors and local residents.
With respect,
Kostas Syngounis – President of the Cultural Association of Krikeliotes Evritanes "Aghios Nikolaos""

Under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organization



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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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