The prologue will be a small team time-trial (6 km), consisting of technical dirt paths and small scenic alleys of the local settlement at Smixi.



444039 Smixi


Smixi is a mountainous village in the prefecture of Grevena, derived from the union (smixi means union in greek) of Pinakades village and Biga village, whose inhabitants wanted to escape malaria. It is built at an altitude of 1,220 meters on the hillside of Smolikas Mountain and is one of the most mountainous villages of Greece.

Its population is 750 residents. Due to its proximity to the ski resort of Vasilitsa it has become an important winter resort in the region. It located 38 km from Grevena.



sullogos smixioton lavaro"The cultural and folklore association of people of Smixi "OREA VASILITSA" with great pleasure welcomes you to the beautiful Smixi, feels great satisfaction that the team chose this truly beautiful village of Pindos in order to be held two of the very important cycle races of the year. We will try to do our best to be worthy of your choice. We wish you all, organizers and participants, every success and we hope our cooperation will continue for many years. These events give life to our village and generally throughout our region. Thank you and again GOOD LUCK.

Yours sincerely on behalf of the Board
The President
Gitsi Mary"