First Aids-Medical support

One of the most important aspects of the Bike Odyssey organization will be covered by the Volunteer Search and Rescue Team of Messolonghi city (E.O.E.D.).


E.O.E.D will cover in health and rescue sector the longest cycling adventure from the start at Smixi up to the finish at Nafpaktos. A group of fifteen rescuers will be on our side for eight days to give us security and valuable services. Except from the start and finish points, members of the Rescue Team will be located and at intermediate catering stations ready to act if it will be necessary.

The E.O.E.D.:

- Has extensive experience covering bicycle races.

- Participates in first aid seminars in the context of continuing education.

- Is trained continuously by participating in exercises for rescue under difficult and extreme conditions.

- Has all the necessary equipment for rescue, transport and first aid.

At finish of each stage there will be a doctor and an ambulance.