Race Categories

"Bike Odyssey" is a team competition (it concerns the 9-day, the 4-day and the 3-day races).
The race offers accreditation in the following categories:

The maximum number of participations is a total of 100 teams per category at Mtb race.

In order for one category to be valid it must have at least 6 partcipants. If there's a category with less than 6 participants, it will be assimilated with th next youngest category.


There are no other categories apart from those mentioned above and specifically no other age class categories.
Following the first stage, the athletes of the leading participant team of the g.c. is awarded classification jerseys, which they are required to wear during the subsequent stage. Analogously, this applies to each of the ensuing stages, where by the jerseys may only be worn by the current leaders of the g.c.  in their respective categories.


Take a look at last year's champion's jersey (9Day jersey, 4Day and 3Day jersey):

8d mpros

The leader's jersey of the 9 days race.

3d n mpros

The leader's jersey of the 4 days and the 3 days races.