BikeOdyssey 2017: 18 June - 25 June 2017

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Bike Odyssey becomes 5 years old in 2017!

20-09-2016 Hits:307 News

Pivotal year for Bike Odyssey, which continues for 5 consecutive year! The race grows and evolves! Registrations will open as usual on 1/12 at 12: 00a.m. and the organization will celebrate the 5 years of the race with super offers in participation packages! Stay tuned to find out not only the offers and any changes made in therace! To get a taste see the teaser video of 2017.

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Review of 8-day Bike Odyssey 2016

29-07-2016 Hits:228 News

Sunday: Prologue On 19.06.16 at Smixi started for the 4th consecutive year, one of the toughest races in the world, Bike Odyssey 2016. Dozens of athletes got a first idea of ​​the strong mountain bike experience on the Pindos mountain range.

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Without you nothing would be possible!

22-07-2016 Hits:195 News

In an effort to promote the sport of mountain biking, we organized for the 4th consecutive year, one of the hardest mountain bike races in the world, Bike Odyssey 2016. We crossed all the backbone of Central Greece, the Pindos Mountains, passing out of 5 prefectures, seven municipalities and approximately 57 villages lost in the beauty of nature.

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On 18 of June is comming the Bike Odyssey 2017!

07-07-2016 Hits:228 News

The period from 18 to 25 of June was defined as the date of the Bike Odyssey for 2017! Also, the 3-Day Bike Odyssey will be held on 23-25 June 2017. 8 days – 7 stages & 1 prologue – 620km – 19.800m elevation gain for crossing the biggest mountain range of Greece, Pindos Mountains!

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The curtain has fallen for Bike Odyssey 2016!

28-06-2016 Hits:207 News

On Sunday 26.06.2016 was held the last stage of Bike Odyssey and the 1-Day Bike Odyssey. The weather was very good despite the announcements of meteorologists for extreme weather conditions in the region. The start was given at 11:30 for the 8-day and 3-day athletes and at 12:08 for one-day athletes. Leaving Ano Chora, our last destination, the beautiful town of Nafpaktos on a route with a total distance 51.69klm and elevation gain 1,046 m.

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It was given the start of the 6th stage of…

25-06-2016 Hits:219 News

  Today on 25.06.2016 at 9:10am was given the start for the sixth and penultimate stage of Bike Odyssey 2016, Ath. Diakos-Ano Chora. The weather is cloudy and blowing. Start did not get the team "Oi Trobes-Podilatou" of Sarris-Papathanasiou and Karavassilis Stratos of «Up Hill Bikers» team.

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Leaving behind the 5th stage Krikello-Ath Diakos

25-06-2016 Hits:208 News

For the 6th day Bike Odyssey continued dynamically. Today took place the 5th stage for the athletes of the 8-day race and the 1st for athletes of 3-day race, with participants reach up to 80 persons. The start was given at 09:03 from the beautiful Krikelloand final destination the village Athanasios Diakos. The weather today was cooler offering athletes better racing conditions at a general level, but passing the mountains was much fog that made difficult their visibility.

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Surprises in the finishes of 4th stage!

23-06-2016 Hits:261 News

The first teams have completed their feat, the 4th stage Agrafa-Krikello. Several surprises we had in finishes. First again of course Konstantinidis-Papadopoulos with time 06: 31: 01: 00 but this time let the second Kalogeropoulos-Grivas about 25 minutes behind. The misfortune of the team «Electric Rev by Helma» with several flat tires left the pioneers to build noticeable difference.

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Today the 4th stage Agrafa-Krikello

23-06-2016 Hits:188 News

Has given the start for the 4th stage Agrafa-Krikello today at 9:15am and the heat continues to vary at high prices. The Israeli Deutch Shomi of «Good Guys» team didn’t started because of a headache while due to fatigue the Bulgarian Alexandrov Alexander of «SashBo Raw Bikers» team did not started, too. The hardest stage of the race began and the anxiety is high!

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Demanding the 3rd stage Pyli-Agrafa

23-06-2016 Hits:275 News

Completed today the 3 stage Pyli - Agrafa and as demonstrated was very demanding for the athletes since they had to cross a distance of 82.78 km with 3343 m elevation gain. The high temperature of 30 ° C hampered even more the athletes’ work. Deutch Shlomi from the team «Good Guys» from Israel and Zotos Michael of «MLC» team began the stage with a slight indisposition, but did not give up, shook their teeth and managed to complete the challenge of this day.

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We have finishers in Agrafa!

22-06-2016 Hits:232 News

The 3rd stage of Pyli-Agrafa is one of the most difficult stages of the race as the elevation gain is too much and the high temperature made it even difficult for the athletes.

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We are going to Agrafa!

22-06-2016 Hits:194 News

Today 22.06.2016 was the start at 9:12am of the 3rd stage Pyli-Agrafa. There was a prestart with athletes to ride for 7 km on asphalt until the freeride was given in Aghios Dimitrios. Athletes from the beginning have to deal with a hard part since they have to ascent a long steep track with sacky ground. Approaching the 1st check point, the first two teams of Constantinides-Papadopoulos and Kalogeropoulos-Grivas have took the lead, followed by Tsoulouchas-Kalonikidis and Frangoulis Samoladas.

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1. Prologue & Start: Smixi

Total distance: ~14,2km
Elev. Gain: 563 m.

2. Kalliroi

Total distance: 112,82km
Elev. Gain: 3219 m.

3. Pyli

Total Distance: 81,52km
Elev. Gain: 2608 m

4. Agrafa

Total Distance: 82,78 km
Elev. Gain: 3343 m

5. Krikello

Total Distance: 114 km
Elev. Gain: 4719 m

6. Athanasios Diakos

Total Distance: 80.6 km
Elev. Gain: 3181 m

7. Ano Chora

Total Distance: 84.42 km
Elev. Gain: 1839 m

8. Nafpaktos

Total Distance: 51.69 km
Elev. Gain: 769 m

greece 3d map2016

8 days and 3 days B.O.

8 Days BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 8 Days (Prologue + 7 Stages)
  • 620Km
  • 25.000 elevetion gain
  • 57 villages

3 Days BikeOdyssey

Start: Krikelo, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days (3 Stages)
  • 220 Km
  • 7.000 elevetion gain
  • 25 villages


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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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